Here some exclusive and private pics with my boyfriend at Infinity club

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  1. Hey, Ivan, the two of you look gorgeous together, damn... hes a lucky guy!

    I didnt know that it was YOU yourself that ran this site! so I just wanna say that Im a huge fan of yours! As another tattooed guy (knuckles,neck, arms, stomach etc) I was totally hooked on you when I saw your pictures some time ago. You have any plans to get more ink done? and why 'fuck/1969'? i have the semi typical old school 'hold/fast' on mine but have seen way better knuckles since I had them done and thought ..'shit'.. haha. not that I regret it but yknow..
    I just wanted to ask too if there was any chance i could get (and this sounds so 12 year old dumb I know... - Im 29, tho I hate to admit it haha) an autograph or a signed picture or something? I live in the UK so may not ever get a chance to meet you in person etc so if I could even buy any pictures or promo stuff etc, Id be totally greatful. Just thought Id ask but if theres any chance, my email is

    But to round up, thanks for all your work man. You are definately the best guy thats come along in the porn world in a long time!
    Keep doing what you do and take care and be happy :)
    All the best man,

    Paul X

  2. Blue Spanish eyes.. your so handsome!

  3. Amazing Faces. I've just discovered you few days ago, so.

    I'm really amazed by your beauty, I truly admire you, because you are one fucking beautiful guy, then I hope you'll get my english.

    Are you spanish ? I just want to learn it again.

    Como estas ?

  4. yo he follado con el y es la bomba!